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It’s a type of marketing which basically uses the internet and the online based technologies like the mobile, computer, laptop, etc and also the use of digital media platforms to promote a business’ products, goods and services.

Nowadays digital marketing is essential for any business to grow and has become an important factor for the growth and expansion of any business or enterprise.

The world is evolving more digitally day by day and new technologies, inventions and other developments are taking place rapidly. It’s very important for any business to keep up with the world and simultaneously with the digital world too.

Now taking more about digital marketing:

There are various types:

  • Content marketing: this involves creating creative content like text, images, messages, etc and sharing it through social media platforms.

  • Social media Marketing this involves advertising using the myriad of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, email, etc

  • Email Marketing a form of direct marketing where it makes the customers aware of the products and services through the mail.

  • Affiliate Marketing A type of marketing where the online retailers pay a commission for a referral of their website link in another external website link, for promoting their product.

  • Search Engine Optimisation a process where the number is visitors to our website is maxed or is maximised or the process of maximising and ensuring that our website is appeared high on the list in a search engine.

  • Influencer Marketing a type of marketing where it uses an influencer to promote their product or brand and to reach to a larger audience to create awareness of the brand or a new product or service.

  • Mobile Marketing a type of advertising or marketing where the target audience is reached through E-mail, SMS, smartphones, tablets and many such digital devices.

  • PPC it’s a type of advertising when a persons searches for a certain product, your website comes on top, it’s a paid type of advertising where a company can buy the top-ranking position via an auction based on keywords, geographical location and demographics.

  • Online Advertising it is the advertising done through the online channels and uses the internet to promote its products and services to audiences.


The main purpose of digital marketing for any business or enterprise is: Conversion, consideration, awareness and retention.

5P’s of Digital Marketing: As there are 4P’s of Marketing, digital marketing has 5P’s namely: product, place, price, promotion, and people.


Nowadays it’s very important and significant to have a good digital marketing plan and blueprint for any brand or company, as most of us are digitally present and are using digital media platforms and are very active on it. So it is natural that brands & companies start marketing digitally so that the users know their presence and create an awareness. It helps in expanding and growing their brand exponentially. As they these days, everything and everywhere digital. From our payments, to shopping to making an appointment or be it booking an airplane ticket everything is digitalised and it is important for a company to grow digitally too.


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